Our Story

Where it all started

We have been making toys since our first child Ria was born in 2019. The reason was simple, we wanted to give her the best toys that are made from the nature and non-toxic. My husband once said if we could grow our own tree, we would. 

As days went by, we started creating and making toys for our families and friends, without the mind of selling, every piece we create, we just want the kids to cherish and love forever. Since then, this has become our dream, to create the best wooden toys that are toxic free.

So here we go, Riababy was born, right here in Melbourne. We deisgn our own, engage local craftsman and we choose the purest, raw and unprocessed timber. 

We love what we do. 

What do we commit

For all the years growing up in the woods, we spent years and years crafting with our mother nature's gift- wood. 

Our range of toys are made from real solid wood, not plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

On top of this, we do not apply any sort of paint, nor oil or wax. We do have a range of coloured toys though, they are made from edible food colouring. 

This is our commitment and our belife. To provide the best quality toys that is 100% toxic free.

What do we believe

Childhood is a magical time to be honoured and cherished,

We are inspired and designed to nurture the imagination.

Most importantly we believe in the power of Play!

Why choose Riababy?

100% Australian Owned

Safety First

Unique & Innovative Design

Affordable Price

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